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Introduction to You're Welcome

The Department of Health set ‘You’re Welcome’ Quality Standards with the aim of improving young people’s health services and becoming more young people friendly. The criteria is based on the principle that ‘all young people are entitled to receive appropriate health care wherever they access it’.

Services have to score themselves against a set of 10 Quality Standards and those services that pass will be awarded You’re Welcome Accreditation and can then be instantly recognised by all young people as being a ‘young people friendly’ service. It is the Department of Health vision that ALL young people’s health services will be You’re Welcome accredited by 2020.

Services are not able to pass You’re Welcome if they do not involve young people in the process. Services must get young people’s views of their service and make changes where appropriate according to suggestions that they may receive.

Health is important to young people just as much as it is important to adults so it is important to find out what young people think of health services so the next young person has a better experience.

You’re Welcome Quality Criteria

  1. Accessibility
  2. Publicity
  3. Confidentiality and Consent
  4. The Environment
  5. Staff Training, Skills, Attitudes & Values
  6. Joined Up Working
  7. Monitoring, Evaluation & Involvement of Young People
  8. Health Issues for Adolescents
  9. Sexual & Reproductive Health Services
  10. Child & Adolescent Mental Health