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People start smoking for different reasons. Some people start because they're curious, because their mates smoke, or they're bored. Others think it will help them look more attractive or that it will help them get through rough times.

Before they know it, they're addicted. And even though smoking is expensive, makes you smell bad, gives you premature wrinkles, stains your teeth and can shorten your life, it's a hard habit to give up.

Tobacco is a powerful, addictive drug. Why else would people smoke when it is linked to cancer, heart disease and other major illnesses?

If you are a young person who smokes or is about to start smoking, you might be interested to know that a cigarette contains:

  • Arsenic (used to be in rat poison)
  • Ammonia (a substance used in cleaning solutions and fertilizer)
  • Cadmium (a toxic substance that's found in car batteries, among other things)
  • Napthalene (you'll find it in mothballs)
  • Nicotine (the addictive substance in cigarettes)
  • Tar (sticks in your lungs and can lead to lung cancer)

Breathing in these and other substances is what makes smoking so dangerous, not just for smokers, but also for the people around them.

Giving up can be tough. But it isn't impossible. There are a number of ways to quit, depending on your smoking habits. If you would like more advice on giving up smoking, visit your GP and/or have a look at the following link: