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Seeing Your Doctor

Whatever your age, you have the right to guaranteed confidentiality when you see your doctor. This means that your doctor will not tell anyone about what you discuss, whether you ask for contraception, are worried about drink or drugs, eating disorders, depression or any other concerns that you may have.

The only time your doctor may pass on information about you is if he or she suspects that you are at risk of serious harm or that you might do harm to someone else. In this case, nothing should be passed on before you have discussed it.

If you feel worried about going to see your Doctor, try and ring first to make an appointment or check out your Doctor’s Surgery website to get more information about the services they provide for young people for example Sexual Health Drop In Clinics etc, and you could take a friend along with you for support to help make you feel more comfortable.

If you still feel uncomfortable about going to see your Doctor, why not chat in confidence online about your concerns with a clinician. You can remain completely anonymous but get the health advice that you need……instantly, and if the Clinician is unable to help, they will be able to signpost you to someone who can.