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The reason I am involved in Check it Out Young People’s Forum is for many reasons but one was for the experience and the chance to put it on my CV but the second was to meet new people and help the Islands health care as one day I would like to become a Doctor on the island. Check it Out has boosted my confidence, helped me meet new people and to have a laugh.



Hi I am Priyanka and I go to Check it Out because I want to be a Doctor when I get older and I wanted to get some experience. 


My name is Sunaina and I would like to be a doctor in the future. I am involved in Check it Out because I am interested in medicine. I wanted to try and make a difference in the NHS for young people. I believe that it will also help improve my confidence.



My name is Beth and I am interested in Check it Out because it is a good way to meet new friends and to help the services on the island get more youth friendly. I got involved as my mum is one the co-ordinators and I thought that it would be very helpful and useful for the island. I have enjoyed being part of this fun and youthful group and it has given me great people skills as well.


Hi, I’m Louise and I am 17 years old. I got involved in CIO for the volunteering work and I am also interested in the way the Island and the NHS meet the needs of young people, especially when it concerns privacy and confidentiality. I enjoy the work, even though I haven't done much myself, and I like to submit ideas to help make the health services more available to teenagers. I like playing the piano, watching Scrubs and meeting up with friends!



Hi! My name is Hannah and I joined Check it Out because I want a future career in medicine. I am interested in how I and other young people can change the way the Island’s healthcare system operates to make young people safe and friendly. The aim to want teenagers to feel safe and confident in their local clinics is vital and I am pleased to be part of a teenage group working towards this status in clinics. The thing I most enjoy is the ‘shopping’ to see how teenagers are treated and what could be done to improve the clinic. I also really enjoy meeting and seeing everyone else in our friendly team.



I joined check it out because my Mum and I thought it would be good for my CV and I wanted to do my bit to help others. It is good to be involved.



I am 16 years old and I don't want to be a doctor. I do however find the doctors an overall stressful experience and hope through Check it Out to make it far less so; especially for young people. I am also hoping that my minimal confidence will get a bit of a boost. Also as 'cheesy' as it sounds it's nice to feel as if I'm making a change.


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