LiveZilla Live Help

Live Chat Confidentiality Statement

This is an advice service only – no medication will be prescribed online.

We do not ask for any personal details when accessing the Live Chat facilities. ‘Nick names’ are used so as not to identify the person accessing the service

The professional giving the health advice will remain anonymous. If a person does include any information which could reveal an individual's identity, this would not be displayed on the website and would be treated as strictly confidential.

Any such information would not be passed on to third parties or retained by unless it is related to a child protection issue.

In such cases we are required by law to contact Social Care/The Police which may result in an investigation for the protection of the young person/persons concerned.

Some of the information we collect may relate to your health, which we appreciate you may consider as particularly sensitive. We will of course, only process this information in accordance with this policy, or as otherwise agreed by you.

‘Chat Logs’ are stored of all chat sessions, but the information is encrypted which means that the logs cannot be read unless unlocked with a code and can only be accessed by the website administrator. This information is stored because it may be necessary at any time to:

  • investigate a complaint from someone who has accessed the service and is not satisfied with the service they received
  • monitor the quality of chat and email sessions

Live Chat sessions are not publically displayed on the website; this is a private 1-2-1 correspondence purely between the young person accessing the service and the health professional scheduled to provide the service for that session.

If the clinician is unable to directly help with your questions, they will signpost you to a person or service that can.

Swearing and abuse will not be tolerated – it will be at the clinician’s discretion to terminate the chat session.

Live Chat Rules:

  • Use a ‘Nick name’ – not your real name
  • No swearing – be nice and you’ll get the advice!
  • Keep it brief and to the point – others may be waiting