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About Check it Out

About Us

Check it Out is a volunteer Group set up to improve young people’s health services on the Isle of Wight to make them more young person friendly.  This group of young people have chosen to volunteer to work with the NHS to help make health services for young people on the Island more friendly and accessible.

They do this by visiting or calling health services and grading them according to a set of standards. These standards were created by the Department of Health and are known as ‘You’re Welcome’ Quality Standards.

If a service passes the ‘standard’ test they are awarded ‘You’re Welcome Accreditation’ and can be instantly recognised by all young people as being a ‘young person friendly’ service. The aim is to have all heath services ‘You’re Welcome Accredited’ by 2020.

If they do not pass the ‘standard’ test they have to listen to the group and make changes where appropriate.

 The Website

The website shows you a list of ‘Accredited Services’ that have been approved by the group. The website also offers several links to a number of pages that offer health advice. This includes information around depression, self-harm, healthy eating, drugs and alcohol, smoking and sexual health. The website will tell you the best services to support you with any issues you may have

Live Chat

By using the live chat tool you are able to have a confidential 1-1 chat with a health professional. You can discuss your health issue and remain completely anonymous. You can access the ‘live Chat tool’ between 6pm and 9pm.